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The experienced Gorman Group is a full service real estate appraisal company providing services nationwide.  This website is devoted solely to our Florida appraisal offices. 


From our Florida appraisers' offices in Fort Lauderdale, The Panhandle, St Petersburg/Clearwater, The Keys and Jacksonville, we are well situated to provide real estate appraisal services for all of Florida...and we do.  Individually owned and operated, each office has its own nuances and particular areas of specialty, but as a whole we appraise every type of real estate in Florida - real estate ranging from condominiums or single-family homes, to complex commercial/industrial properties all the way to hotels, golf courses and even historic properties. 

            Appraisal Offices in Florida



Our appraisal clients are as diverse as our work and include entities such as the National Park Service, CitiCorp, Monsanto, The Nature Conservancy, The Department of the Interior, U.S. Silica, The Small Business Administration (SBA), and Humana, Inc.  Naturally, we do plenty of work for banks, individuals, small businesses, municipalities and other Florida entities as well.

The appraised values of unusual or unique real estate are not arrived at by a simple formula or calculation. Arriving at these values takes in-depth market research and detailed analysis. It takes an appraiser with knowledge of the past, an appraiser able to interpret the present and an appraiser able to provide guided expectations of the future. In today's Florida market it also takes a good deal of common sense. 


Members of the Gorman Group - Florida have "hands-on" experience of construction, sales, and of course, appraisals. Litigation support, MACRS allocations, eminent domain and market value appraisals are just some of the services we provide. As a network of Florida specialists, we provide the services that very few other appraisal companies can provide.


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